Return of Broscars enlivens 2017 May Fete experience

With finals week approaching, May Fete, one of Hastings College’s longest-standing traditions, dating back to 1910, provided an opportunity last Friday for students to take a break from studying to enjoy a meal and entertainment at the Hastings Auditorium with their peers. After taking a year hiatus, the Broscars were back for this year’s entertainment. In addition, this year’s May Fete King and Queen were seniors Junajo Fernandez and Lily Ealy.

May Fete is a traditional event with a new theme each year. Themes from previous years have ranged from a masquerade to red, white and blue. This year’s banquet co-chairs were Anna Flarity and Geena Piper who came up with this year’s theme, “Into The Jungle.”

“Out of the three all-campus banquets (Homecoming Dinner, Boar’s Head, May Fete), this is probably the most lighthearted,” said Colt Kraus, Director of Student Engagement. “You don’t really have to dress up if you don’t want to but you can dress in the theme … it’s just more relaxed.”

The Banquet Committee not only decorated and came up with a theme, but also discussed improvements to the event for the future. Last year’s event was hosted at the fairgrounds, which was hard for students to get to, difficult to decorate and there was no entertainment.

“Every year we try and get the auditorium for every event but it’s in such high demand it’s hard to get it booked,” Kraus said. “Last year, the only place available was at the fairgrounds, and we hated having it there as much as everyone hated having it there.”

Committee members felt this year’s event was more successful in terms of decoratinos, entertainment and food; next year’s Homecoming and May Fete dinners will take place in the Hastings Auditorium, as well.

“All the feedback I heard was positive—like the food, working with Fresh Ideas is easier the only thing was they forgot spoons for the sundaes but they came back and got them and walked around the tables and handed them out,” said Colt. Other students (had different) opinions about the food, but students were most excited to see the Broscars return.

The Broscars is an informal awards ceremony in which students vote for their friends in different categories, including best-dressed, cutest couple and best dancer. Nominations for the awards opened a couple weeks before the event. Students were emailed a link to nominate students for various categories, and live voting happened at Maye Fete from the top five in each. As part of the live voting, students used their phones to select the winner from each category, the winners were displayed on a screen and came up on stage to retrieve their gold trophy. The Broscars will be returning for next year’s May Fete.

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