Murphy talks about “Dying to Create”

DSC_0145.NEFThis morning at his ALS presentation titled “’Dying’ to Create: On Music, Lyrics, and Zombies” David Murphy gave students a clear message – persistence is a creative person’s greatest asset.
Murphy, who has created four CDs and five zombie-themed books, said through his own experience he has learned that the best way to succeed in the world is find something your are passionate about and to relentlessly pursue it.
“I thought this was a great end to the symposium, because students got a great take about creativity, perseverance and how that they can apply that to their student endeavors,” said Student Symposium Committee Co-Chair Alex Eisele.
While trying to publish his first zombie book “Zombies for Zombies: Advice and Etiquette for the Living Dead,” Murphy said that he was initially turned down by numerous publishers. He said that one thing in particular that he’s had to learn as an artist is to be able to accept and get past criticism. By being persistent, Murphy was finally able to get published by Sourcebooks and has now published four other books since.
“They loved the idea and it just really work out,” Murphy said.
While Murphy takes the concept of zombies a little light-heartedly in his books, he said that zombies have been used to bring light to larger world issues such as racial prejudices and capitalistic exploitations. The whole concept in themselves can be utilized very creatively.
After talking about how his creative life has led him to be a well-known zombie author, Murphy also performed two of his own songs for the audience at the French Memorial Chapel. Both songs were particularly meaningful to him. He said when he first started performing in his music career he was hesitant to perform more meaningful songs, but he has found that those are the songs that people actually have an easier time relating to.
The final message Murphy left with was relish the good moments and people in life. Moments and loved ones will not last forever and therefore Murphy said it is imperative to enjoy those moments and to also let your loved one know exactly how you feel about them.
“Tomorrow is not guaranteed, but if it is, it could be a zombie apocalypse,” Murphy said.

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