Juniors presented their Art thesis

Art is often a field of experimentation. The Junior Art Thesis showcase provided that opportunity for several Hastings College students this past week.

The art department at HC presented the Junior Art Thesis on Sunday, May 7 at 2:00 p.m. in the Kiewit Gallery. The Junior Art Thesis is an event in which students from the junior class submit artwork to be showcased as part of a gallery. The intent of the Junior Art Thesis is to help prepare students for both their Senior Thesis and their future as artists.
Students who provided art for the Junior Thesis were Jeff Burke, David Fitzgerald, Hannah Goss, Cheyenne Knehans, Jenna Kulwicki, Kasey Lammers, Caleb Merritt, Breanna Obermier and Claire Rush. The participants were given the freedom to choose the art to submit for the gallery, ranging from sculptures to digital media. The theme provided was “The Walls Have Eyes.”

Jenna Kulwicki is an art education major, who participated in the Junior Art Thesis by creating an outdoor sculpture made of recyclable objects. While her sculpture itself was not in the gallery, there were photographs of her work presented. Her goal was to symbolize the idea of man versus nature. Kulwicki provided some insight as to what the Junior Thesis is like for the students.

“It allows you to pretty much figure out who you are as an artist,” Kulwicki said.

Each student was required to give a speech or presentation to explain their work to the audience. The juniors spent time preparing for the showcase and prepared their artwork and presentations prior to the opening of the gallery.

“Everyone just worked so hard, and I feel like that came out on Sunday,” Kulwicki said. “(The participants) had a lot of passion with their art.”

Kulwicki and her classmates were held to high expectations by their art professors. With that in mind, the Junior Thesis creates a way for professors to gage where the students are. According to Kulwicki, the Art Department has “high hopes” for each of the students.

“The art professors really push us and really make us much more independent and make us strong as artists and students,” Kulwicki said.

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