Jack Kramer, reluctant to leave students

Hastings College can be a heaven on Earth, said Jack Kramer, professor of economics and head of the CABE department.  Professors are continuously involved with students, which is what Kramer has come to love about the college.
“I never had a class that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy,” Kramer said.

He is involved not only as a professor but also as the chair of the Artist Lecture Series, which brings speakers to campus throughout the year.
Kramer himself presented for the invited faculty lecture in 1985.
When Kramer began teaching at HC in 1978, business classes were taught in Hurley-McDonald Hall and then later at the Daugherty Center.  He feels privileged to currently teach in the new Fleharty Educational center where he has access to technology.
Kramer said that whoever takes his place will need to share his love for working with students.
His close connection to the college has made it difficult for Kramer to move on to the next stage in his life, but he is excited to spend more time with his wife.  Kramer also hopes to begin sailing more, a past time he even incorporated into a J-Term class that he took to the Virgin Islands.
While sailing across the water may not be the same as the “heaven” he enjoyed at HC, Kramer looks forward retirement, and enjoying the “zen” feeling sailing brings.

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  1. Ive only had a few teachers that I have liked through college, military, grad school, pro football but this man is one of the best and I will have words with anyone who says different

    hope you and your wife are happy, hastings college is a lesser place without you

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