“Glimmer (the ELF!)” puts young audience in Christmas spirit

The Hastings College Theatre premiers this year’s Alpha Psi Omega children’s show, “Glimmer (the ELF!)” on Dec. 1-3.

This family-friendly play written by HC alumna Jessica Brock ‘07 tells the story of Glimmer, an elf sent by Santa to bring back the Christmas spirit to Ellie Fitzsimmons and her family.

According to the show’s student director, Alyssa Rock, the production made for an audience of children is very cute, funny and over exaggerated. The show opened with Christmas songs lead by student actors that portrayed Santa’s elves. Following the show, the actors remained onstage to autograph programs for the children and their families.

“We do try to include the children more,” Rock said. “We have the elves in the show talk to them and include them in whatever they’re doing, that way they feel like they are part of the magic.”

The cast and crew of “Glimmer (the ELF!)” had a little over a month to put the show together, with rehearsal four days per week.

Basil Rabayda, who played Glimmer, said the preparation process was very fun, but a little stressful for some.

“It was very exhilarating portraying Glimmer. It was definitely a new type of role for me so I had to work on the character before I finally became comfortable with it,” Rabayda said.

Working together and trusting one another is what got them though, Rabayda said. This show’s director and stage manager were students, like the rest of the cast, so the group bonded easily.

“It’s different because you’re so used to being one of their peers…you are kind of their superior but not really. They’re still my friends but it’s a different relationship that you have with them,” Rock said.

Rock hoped that “Glimmer (the ELF!)” put those in the audience in the Christmas spirit as well as Ellie and her family.  

The next production in the Scott Studio Theatre is the J-Term musical, premiering Feb. 2-5.

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