A look into the creative brain with Dr. Lorraine L. Edwards

als speaker

Dr. Lorraine L. Edwards wrapped up the ALS Student Symposium lectures on Thursday afternoon with her lecture on how creativity is defined in the realm of neurology. Over the years right brain vs. left brain dominance has been one of the leading theories on how the brain plays a part in creativity. Dr. Edwards explained how the left brain is said to deal more with work, logic, and math while the right brain handles intuition, facial recognition, and musical talents.

Now, however, creativity is being credited to a combination of frontal lobe usage alongside the temporal lobes in the brain. Dr. Edwards continued to define what each lobe does in relation to creativity, such as if there is a frontal lobe deficiency, creativity is inhibited but if there is a temporal lobe deficiency, there is an increase in generation of creativity.

In the end, creativity comes down to a simple definition of “a cross between your abilities and inspiration” to Edwards. “If you have ideas but you don’t act on them, you are considered imaginative and not necessarily creative” said Dr. Edwards.

Students and faculty from all academic areas came to hear Dr. Edward’s approach on creativity. “I thought that Dr. Lorraine Edward’s presentation was really interesting. She shared a ton of fascinating information on how creativity is actually processed in the brain. I learned a lot” said education major, Mollie Strain. 


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